Property in the Czech Republic for citizens of Russia and CIS

Today, thousands of foreigners own property in the Czech Republic. Czech real estate investment funds are very popular among the businessmen of the west and the citizens of CIS countries. Recently, a growing interest in the purchase of real estate in Prague and the Czech Republic recreational areas can be seen.

There are several reasons for that. The prices are relatively low, the Czech Republic has access to the EU, the property taxes are extremely low and the climate and ecology in the Czech Republic are quite favorable.

Prague is a very ecofriendly city and in each district parks or green zones can be found. The Vltava river divides two almost equal parts of the city, that’s why there are so many big and small bridges, which greatly facilitate communication between regions. The population of the capital is 1,200,000 residents.

However, prices in Prague are considerably higher than in other cities of Czech Republic. It is understandable: Prague is the center of business, tourism and cultural life of the country. It's easier to find employment, enterprise and metropolitan life differs considerably from province to province.

People often prefer to live in a quiet landscaped area, the ideal of that is rural Europe. If you lack the funds to purchase real estate and want to move to Europe, we recommend you to pay attention to the Czech regions.

A good and profitable solution would be buying real estate in the central region of the Czech Republic. If prices in Prague are relatively high, in cities such as Beroun, Melnik, Mladá Boleslav, Poděbrady, Benešov etc., the cost of flats and houses are much lower.

A little further west from Prague there lie equally attractive and popular resort towns - such as Marianske Lazne and Karlovy Vary. In addition, almost everyone speaks Russian/German, and you can easily communicate with the locals.

Those who are looking for cheap property, we point to the north in the Czech Republic. For example, the city of Teplice, Liberec and Most. A big plus is the proximity of Germany, as well as ski resorts where you can spend the weekend.

The city of Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic is also a good choice. It provides with developed infrastructure, availability of universities and shopping centers. In short, Brno is the capital of East Bohemia - Moravia.

Interesting in terms of residence is a small town in Southern Bohemia - Czech Krumlov. It is a historical city which is a part of UNESCO, it lies at the mouth of the main river in the Czech Republic - Vltava, near Austria. Most urban property has long been redeemed by Austrians and Germans. But still, there are a few interesting offers.

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